I want a fence

I want a fence on our southern border now! I am sick and tired of the cost of not having one.
Do I think that the aliens that came here illegally will just go home? NO.
Do I think we should hunt them down in there homes or walking down the street? NO.
We need to deport the criminal aliens not serving time right now. when those aliens still behind bars serve their time they get deported straight from jail/prison.
Any illegal alien arrested gets reported to ICE. After the cops and justice systems are done with them, they get deported.

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Any family members that are dependent on said criminal illegal aliens will of course have the right to travel with them back home. (at our cost of course) We don’t want to separate families.
Focusing on the fence and criminal aliens should keep Home land security pretty busy. We should see costs in so many areas go down that paying for all that deporting should be covered. If not that’s one tax I’ll vote for.
Let us say Home land security got the fence built and got the majority of the criminal aliens out.
We could then focus on the employers that take advantage of the illegal aliens by paying them wages that are too low. making them second class humans.(would have said citizens but just didn’t fit)
This does hurt Americans, by hiring illegal’s they bring down the pay for citizens here legally. The jobs are NOT jobs Americans will not do. The pay is what Americans will not take.
Employers that knowingly hire illegal’s should face large fines (large enough to make the fines more then “the cost of doing business”) and possible jail time for repeat offenders.
Let’s reflect, so far we haven’t “hunted” anyone down, separated any families or profiled on race, sex, religion.
Remember we now have a fence and are deporting criminal aliens.
We at this point can afford to let more aliens come here with visas legally. Applications taken only from country of origin.
ID theft is a Crime. Any illegal aliens that committed that crime should be deported (fake SS # included)
If Home land security could do that I would be a lot more SECURE.

One Response to “I want a fence”
  1. jammie0123 says:

    hey there lady how are you? long time since i heard from you .. lol im cp005 from way way back in our msn days lol.. so i like youre blog im just now starting one my self ..oh and those illigals ? you are right employers that hire them should have to go live in mexico after their prison sentance also.. bet after that they would think twice of takeing a unfair advantage of his fellow man . and i also believe that …well they got themselves here .we can drop them at the border and then they on their own and if they were actually dumb enough to think that haveing a baby in USA. was gunna somehow shield them well i guess they will know better when they carrying that child across the desert with them .. I really dont mean to sound so cruel but ugh sooo many problems they pay no taxes they get our welfare .you know alot of American children are hungry and alot of their dadys and mamas lost their jobs to the illigals and now our government wants to cut all the programs that alsot of people do really need and rely on ..i best stop …i guess i do mean to sound cruel !!!!!!

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